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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 18, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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you are my boyfriend now. okay! dam, i am good! good evening it is monday november 18th, i am gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. a dramatic change in our bay area weather is on the horizon tonight, after an expected dry spell, rain is on the way. let's begin with meteorologist rosemary and the time line for tonight's wet weather. >> yes, those clouds are piling up and eventually we'll see the beneficial rain and let's take a look at where the storm is right now. if i scoot in just closer it looks
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like the leading edge is still about 70 miles per hour north and i think we have it for the morning rush. scattered showers reported of the bay area, light rain over the north bay, it has been quite sometime. and make sure you prepare for this and perhaps leaving early. those roads are going to be slick in many areas. as we get in the afternoon hours, notice the scattered showers do remain, we'll see two days of rain. when i come back, i will show you how long i expect the rain to stick around and your numbers for tomorrow as well. it is just a couple of months ago of a major wild fire charred the acres there. experts tell us some
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movement is in -- the slopes should stay put as long as the rain is not heavy. has rain updates for you 24/7. a surge in car break has police in san francisco going under cover trying to catch thieves in the act. new at 7, cara liu live in the city. you learned about the kind of behaviors these officer are looking for. >> reporter: that's light. the central under cover team ist now looking for people trying to break into cars and earlier today we got an inside look of how they're combatting this crime. >> this block always gets hit. >> driving near san francisco's famous crooked street, investigators looking at people attempting to break into cars. >> we saw people looking into cars and looking into back windows of cars and doing behaviors that's abnormal for the average joe walking down the street.
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you know the look in and gazing in and stop and going back to a car and by pass a car and making sure nobody is follow them and come back to the car that kind of thing >> the under cover team followed by car and on foot. >> during the patrol they found no shortage of residents and tourists leaving car vabl. it looks like it is going to get stolen. >> yeah, we went to the site seeing - seeing -- >> you went sightseeing? >> that laptop i would not have to break-in to get it >> officers spotted a laptop and an ipad left on top of a sport car. >> the hardest part to get people to understand not to leav vabls
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behind the glass. that's more than 13, 800 cars that's been hit. no arrest far but the team is out working tonight. we are live in san francisco, cara liu ktvu channel 2 news. police in hayward is investigating a shooting that left one person dead. it happened right behind the baseball field at centennial park. the victim is a male teenager. so far no a and right now we have a crew at the scene waiting for the sergeants. we learned the driver who caused the crash is a former member of the oakland raiders. thomas -- police say he was driving at a
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dangerously high rate of speed when the crash happens. >> in the last 90 minutes officers showed us of what's left of this bmw. the coroner confirmed thomas howard was behind the wheel hitting three other vehicles including a big rig earlier this morning. >> it goes end over end and passed the big rig and goes head on into a honda crv. the driver of the crv was also killed. howard was goin miles per hour and a detail that comes to a shock to who knows him best. howard can be responsible for the death of another driver. >> he was a laid back guy afunny
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fungi, he helped the community and he was a guy that you want to be around. >> howard started -- last week the atlanta falcons after a short meeting with the team. the crash happened not far from his home along the alameda. we are reaching out to the family of the innocent victim of all of this, that's the driver from hayward who was hit and killed. if we hear from them we'll have it over in channel 2, in oakland ktvu channel 2 news. the girl's mother says her daughter was the victim of bullying. school officials say it was
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never reported as bullying and they're now investigating. the alleged victim has been asked to join an anti-bullying committee. attorneys for bart unions met today to discuss the latest of the contract disputes. bart says it was not part of the original agreement. it says that a clerical error left the clause in the contract and could cause the agencies tens of millions of dollars. >> the for us to not getting into the vote and to voted and then moving towards getting approved of the district board and just now bringing it up is astounding. >> the unions say it is not going about going on strike, bart did not make any additional statements today, bart's boards is expected to vote on the deal on thursday.
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homeless add -- there is no word about albany moving forward. the police department is pushing for a pilot program to fund the cameras for the traffic safety t it would help with officers accountable. >> an offer having the camera on them is knowing better to proceed and they're not going to do things. >> the new system should provid improve footage of the cameras covering the front and side and rear.
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the dow industrial ended with a 14 point gain. nasdaq lost 36 point, it retreated to close just below that record. and now to san francisco where - where -- expanding -- some high profile peck activity executive speakers are on the line up. 120, attendees are expected for the it.
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can bres says he's glad that google will take back the site that brought back em memories of the 2009 that killed his son. herrera tried to contact google to get them to remove the image. google did respond to a ktvu news inquiry and letting herrera knows that the picture will be coming down. google has reached $17 million set m rozzelle settlements of --smsgoogle maintained no person information was collected, the $17 million settlement will be split among 37 states and the district of columbia. ya all the information that flows through a data center around the
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world will be in crypted by the end of march a neighborhood clash caught on video sparked controversy and how this started and the claim of the excess i've force. the bizarre political battle playing out in toronto involving its controversial mayor.
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investiers are trying to determine of the death of --
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albert oldendorff, the coast guard identified the victim as a sailor from poland. oemd fire the man's death appeared to be a result of a critical condition. the crew simulated the response to a catastrophic earthquake at pier 1. the u.s. coast guards and the u.s. army of engineer and san francisco police and fire all took part. it was originally scheduled for fleet week but the government shootout shut down has postponed until now. residents claiming police brutality. david stevenson tonight with reactions of neighbors and a last minute decision from prosecutors.
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>> angry confrontations between police and residents. >> as an officer holds back a young man a man has been punched. >> that's considered reasonable force >> well, that suspect initially had a confrontation with the officer and he was ordered to leave not once but twice. >> the officers identified themselves and attempted to stop 20-year-old williams for illegally riding the bicycle on a near by sidewalk. the officer chased william to the apartment and his sister said he was dragged outside. >> another one was at the top of his head and the lady trying to put the handcuffs on him. >> neighbors say were concerned of the arrest and who police say were trying to interfere. >> i know him he's employed and
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he goes to school and he recently took off an interest in photography, this whole incident is very out of can recollect the of him. >>. late this afternoon prosecutors discharged the case pending further investigation. william's friends and family say they'll hold a rally tomorrow protesting police brutality. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news look here at the top center of your screen, you can see boeing 737 as it falls from the sky and crashes. 50 people on board and the pass died. investigators are digging into the wreckage and trying to figure out what cause the crash. today's meeting greeted with
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the shout of shame. you see it there the 44-year-old ford has been in trouble since may of footages of him smoking cocaine surfaced. ford says he's not an addict and and is seeking for professional help. he says he will run for reelection. the new jersey school has s cases of men jie is in recent months. the center for disease control recommended to be move. the man acquit inside the trayvon martin's case, george zimmerman is accuse of pointing a gun at his girlfriend at the florida home they share. she was not injured.
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deputies say she fears for her e also threaten her back in september. a total of 8 deaths are now being recorded from the severe storm that hammered the part of midwest. shannon travis reports the storm has some people there looking for god to help. >> a man and his wife held each other tight in their basement as their home is being ripped apart. >> we are either going to be in heaven or in the hospital but we are going to walk out of here and completely in the lord's hands. >> and more disturbing scenes across the region. while winds and a tornado touchdowned in an opened
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field. looking above of the damage as far as i can see. the tornado estimated of winds of 170-190 miles per hour according to the national weather signature service. >> it is important that we see yourself as a family and we come together when something is dangerous and difficult and deadly happening. everyone in illinois wants to help the victims. >> i am hearing things right now, chuck, i think we may need to take shelter right now ourselves. >> yes, we do. >> we need to go. >> we'll be back when we can. >> right, we'll be right back. >> the 68 tornadoes reported across the midwest, including indiana, kek ki
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kentucky, wisconsin, hundreds of people are without power. national aid is starting to reach to areas of the nation. images of the bird's eye view, other images are emerging in including footages. the philippines' government says typhoon haiyan killed 139 people and still people are missing. i know you have been working with our meteorologist tracking rain that's headed our way and how it is going to look in the next few hours. >> yeah, we have been dry, this rain is going to come just in time for some of us to hit the morning drive. we are aware of the slick roads. we are watching scattered showers and if i scoot in just a little closer, we got a few return. we are mostly cloudy and temperatures right
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now holding in the 50s and slightly cooler. with all the cloud coverage today, it felt cooler out there this afternoon. so a dry november, finally going to see some rain over the next couple of days. how much rain do i expect we'll get? well, it is going to start to pick up late tonight over par we are all said and done, perhaps an inch and maybe an inch and a half apart the north bay and picki an inch or 2 inches of rain. and then it falls apart when they get closer. as we get closer tomorrow morning temperatures not as chilly because we have the clouds over degrees in oakland. scattered showers over the cente
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morning drive and for the afternoon periods of off and on rain will continue for your tuesday. 59 degrees in oakland and 58 in san francisco and 52 in san jose. rain and showers in the forecast. temperatures will begin to rebound and as we get in the bay area weekend with your weekend always in view, temperatures back in the uppe and mild conditions is expected for saturday and sunday, we'll be tracking the rain for you right here on ktvu. the giants signed hudson for a 2-year deal today. before that he played 6 years with the a's. now trending at bay area, a
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puppy, now the photos are going viral. and one college celebrating of a fictional news man and the event appearing to be a little bit of cross promotion.
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may venice expected to reach march next september following a journey of 400 million miles. take a look you will see the whole thing began as photos as beau taking its afternoon nap. mom started posting the picture and now they're a huge internet hit. beau's mom says they adopted to theo a few weeks ago and obviously, the two is hitting off. one of hollywood's best done fiction fictional -- his krashth
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character played in movies by will pharaoh. thank you for making ktvu your r news, we'll see you the next time for news break, our coverage continues at the 10:00 news, tmz is up next right here on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> we can tell you now if you go to justin bieber's party and you do anything to spill the beans of what happened inside you will pay justin bieber $3 million. >> some of the hot chicks over there started stripping. >> i will get -- too. >> joanna krupa doing everything she can to distract people from her alleged smelly bits. >> yeah. >> when you smell like me it does not matter.


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